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Southeast Alaska Power Agency's three member utilities are located in remote areas of Southest Alaska.  With rare exceptions, Southeast Alaska communities are not connected by road or other infrastructure common in other parts of the country. Communities operate their own, isolated electrical generation and distribution systems.

Swan Lake and Tyee Hydroelectric Projects provide affordable electric power to Ketchikan, Wrangell and Petersburg, Alaska.  Abundant water and steep terrain made hydropower the natural choice for the energy needs of Southeast Alaska.  SEAPA built on this history with construction of the 57-mile long Swan-Tyee Intertie connecting Ketchikan to the Tyee Lake facility.

"Southeast communities have a long history of working toward energy independence by collaborating on power generation and transmission," says Alaska State Senator, Bert Stedman.  "What we want to do is generate our energy off of renewable sources like hydro versus carbon-based, and control our own energy."

Hydropower Facts in Southeast Alaska

  • Hydroelectric power is Alaska's largest source of renewable energy
  • One constant we can count on in Southeast Alaska is rain and a lot of it
  • Rain varies from 200 inches a year in Southern Southeast to less than 50 inches in the northern panhandle
  • Rain is the fuel that runs the turbines
  • Because the water cycle is an endless, constantly recharging system, hydropower is a renewable energy resource




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