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SEAPA is working diligently to advance new power generation opportunities to serve the growing load demands of the region. SEAPA‘s integrated planning process supports responsible development that will provide the maximum long-term benefit for ratepayers.

SEAPA’s Regional Hydrosite Evaluation Project is fully underway. McMillen Engineering was selected as our project lead and a field team has recently been deployed to Annette Island. This is a multi-year effort that will span our region from Kake to Metlakatla and is a follow-up to the Southeast Alaska Integrated Resource Plan (SEIRP) funded through a portion of SEAPA's Department of Commerce, Community and Economic Developement (DCCED) $3MM DCCED grant. This process will catalog critical information necessary to determine the highest value hydropower projects to meet the growing needs of our region. It is important that we invest in projects that provide maximum long-term benefit for the ratepayers.


  • Expand existing infrastructure
  • Utilize the “low hanging fruit”
  • Swan Lake Reservoir Expansion, Tyee Cooling Water Modification, and Tyee Weir are a few examples


  • Explore power and energy options to fill anticipated load needs.
  • Options 1, 2, and 3 under SEAPA’s Request for Offers of Power and Energy (RFO) specifically address mid-term load growth.
    • Proposals are not limited to hydro and will likely provide a wide variety of options
    • Several letters of intent to offer have been received, which may result in several proposals


  • SEAPA is conducting a regional hydrosite analysis that spans from Kake to Metlakatla. This important process will provide detailed cost and resource analysis of potential hydropower sites to help determine the best future project.
  • Additionally, Option 4 of the aforementioned RFO process provides an opportunity to develop a project with another entitiy to meet long-term regional needs.