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Message from the CEO

Trey Acteson, CEO - Affordable energy is the cornerstone of economic development and is essential to building sustainable communities. The SEAPA interconnected region has enjoyed very stable and low-cost electrical rates for decades due to early investment in our local hydropower resources. As we look to the future, new renewable resources must be responsibly developed to meet growing demand. SEAPA is fully committed to identifying and advancing cost effective solutions for serving the long-term energy needs of our member utilities and the ratepayers.


Trey Acteson, CEO

Clay Hammer
Operations Manager

Ed Schofield
Power System Specialist

Robert Siedman, P.E.
Director of Engineering
& Technical Services

Kay Key, Controller

Sharon Thompson
Executive Assistant
Contract Administrator

Marcy Hornecker,
Administrative Assistant

About Us...

The Southeast Alaska Power Agency (SEAPA) is a regional Joint Action Agency of the State of Alaska that owns the Swan Lake and Tyee Lake hydroelectric facilities, 14 miles of submarine cables, and 175 miles of overhead transmission lines serving the municipalities of Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg, Alaska. We provide approximately 62% of the total power consumed by our three member utility communities. SEAPA also provides a broad range of important ancillary services that help ensure safe and reliable delivery of power over our interconnected system.

SEAPA ancillary services funded through the wholesale power rate:

SEAPA is uniquely structured to shelter our three member utilities from the significant risks associated with owning, operating, maintaining, developing, and financing capital intensive power infrastructure. The municipalities of Ketchikan, Petersburg, and Wrangell greatly benefit from the stable low-cost wholesale power that SEAPA delivers to their front door for subsequent distribution to the end user.