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Supervisory Control and Data Aquisition (SCADA) Project


The nature of SEAPA’s electrical system has changed with the completion of the Swan-Tyee Intertie. Previous to the Intertie, Thomas Bay personnel were the operators and coordinators of the North Side System (Tyee Lake, Wrangell Switchyard and Substation, and the Petersburg Substation), and Ketchikan Public Utilities operates the Swan Plant either remotely from the Bailey diesel generating station or locally from the powerhouse. Over the last 20 years, three major SCADA systems and a few local plant data acquisition systems developed; this was a natural progression that reflected the independent operations. SEAPA's intent with this project is to replace the obsolete systems and where practical, combine the separate independent data storage applications into a centralized database in the SEAPA office located in Ketchikan, Alaska.